As a subsidiary of XINGFA GROUP, Hubei Xingrui Silicon Materials Co.,Ltd has built an annual production of 200 thousand tons silicon monomer, 30 thousand tons room temperature vulcanized silicon rubber, 30 thousand tons High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and 30 thousand tons building sealant. By means of cooperative development, XINGRUI has built an annual production of 50 thousand nanometer calcium carbonate , 10 thousand simethyl silicon oil, 8 thousand fumed silica and 5 thousand vinyl silicon oil. Through technological transformation and industrial upgrading, XINGRUI will built a yearly supporting capacity of 400 thousand tons organosilicon monomers and downstream deep-processing projects striving to rank the TOP THREE all around the China and get the advanced level in its field. XINGRUI will develop into a professional manufacturer for organosilicon products and also to be a leader in China organosilicon industry .